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AB Fonderie
The die-cast part, under pressure
AB Fonderie
The die-cast part, under pressure
AB Fonderie
The die-cast part, under pressure



Inpacte AB Fonderie has been specializing in aluminum casting since 1999.

 Based in the Lyon region, our company boasts a wealth of technologies and skills in the field of aluminum alloy parts. The expertise of our engineers enables us to be operational and responsive to your requirements.

As a new inclusive company, Inpacte AB Fonderie is committed to the transmission and preservation of know-how. This commitment is embodied in an inclusive apprenticeship program for our future employees: on-the-job supervision, training and qualification, skills acquisition and development, and support for professional and personal projects.

Trust and professionalism are the founding values of our company, and we place human relations, both internally and externally, at the heart of our concerns. Our commitment to society* of our company, ensures the cohesion of our teams and the durability of our know-how, and is your guarantee of responsiveness, follow-up and reliability.

When you choose Inpacte AB Fonderie, you're guaranteed


A team of professionals at your service


Processing your quote within 48 hours.


A customized, efficient technical solution.


Support from the creation of your mock-up to the validation of your solutions.


Tool launch, presentation of sample parts.


From receipt of your first production parts within 6 weeks.


* Inpacte AB Fonderie is a member of the Association "Human Enterprises

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  • 75, rue Jules Guesde 69230 Saint-Genis Laval
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A team of professionals at your service for a responsive solution

Ab Fonderie
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