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Aluminium foundry near Saint-Priest

Many industrial companies need aluminum parts at short notice:
- in the form of light-alloy prototypes, prior to larger-scale production,
- in the form of mechanical parts in small or medium production runs, to supply either their assembly lines, or their stocks of supplies or spare parts.

In the field of industrial prototyping, AB Fonderie's know-how enables :
- check the performance and functionality of future parts, as well as their quality and reliability,
- determine the financial and technical feasibility of their future production.

This need for expertise applies equally to one-off pieces and to those produced in multiple copies.

Mechanical parts need to be designed and manufactured to a high degree of precision, to support the production processes of industrial companies in all sectors. Aluminum casting techniques enable the forming of high-precision parts.

When you work with AB Fonderie, you're working with a group of 3 different companies, each with its own diversified skills and technologies for the manufacture of aluminum alloy parts. It also means working in collaboration with a team of 50 serious and attentive experts, demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness and know-how accumulated since 1999. It also means benefiting from personalized, efficient technical solutions, with support from A to Z and delivery of parts within 6 weeks.

Gravity die-casting

Gravity die-casting is a process we employ at AB Fonderie to produce aluminum (and light-alloy) parts for our customers. It involves filling the shell mold with a molten metal alloy using gravity alone. Also known as drop filling, this process takes place under the weight of the alloy poured directly into the mold's runners to fill its cavity.

Gravity die-casting is advantageous for several reasons:
- high-volume, high-speed production capabilities,
- fast, precise and consistent molding of parts,
- the ability to shape parts with complex shapes (external and internal) and very low thickness,
- the production of molded parts with high-performance mechanical characteristics, thanks to the optimized cooling rate of the metal shells,
- a process for simplifying and minimizing the need for machining operations,
- low melting points and preserve tooling for the manufacture of aluminum parts.

Gravity casting can only be achieved with the know-how of a company like ours. AB Fonderie can manufacture aluminum alloy parts for industrial companies in a wide range of sectors:
- parts for street furniture,
- building supplies,
- parts for energy production,
- parts for the transport sector,
- household goods,
- recreational and sports facilities,
- small garden equipment,
- capital goods for industry,
- decorative objects.

Light alloy foundry near Saint-Priest

A specialist in light alloys, AB Fonderie makes its know-how available to industrial companies based in Saint-Priest and the Lyon metropolitan area (Bron, Caluire-et-Cuire, Chaponnay, Charly, Chassieu, Colombier-Saugnieu, Communay, Corbas, Décines-Charpieu, Feyzin, Genas, Grenay, Heyrieux, Irigny, Janneyrias, Jonage, Jons, La Mulatière, Luzinay, Lyon, Marennes, Meyzieu, Mions, Neyron, Oullins, Pierre-Bénite, Pusignan, Rillieux-la-Pape, Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure, Saint-Fons, Saint-Genis-Laval, Saint-Just-Chaleyssin, Saint-Laurent-de-Mure, Saint-Maurice-de-Beynost, Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, Saint-Symphorien-d'Ozon, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, Sathonay-Camp, Satolas-et-Bonce, Sérézin-du-Rhône, Simandres, Solaize, Thil, Toussieu, Valencin, Vaulx-en-Velin, Vénissieux, Vernaison, Villette-de-Vienne, Villeurbanne, Vourles) to respond rapidly to all their prototype and small to medium-volume production needs. Don't hesitate to entrust us with the manufacture of your mechanical parts, and tell us about your projects, even the most complex.

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